The creation of Backlinks can play a significant role in the process of Search Engine Optimization as it’s one of the most essential factors to increase your Page Ranking and making your website more prominent in search engines. If you want your website to rank well in search engine results , you need to achieve a higher page rank. If you are looking to improve your page rank, you must make backlinks.

Making a Private Blog Network Links is only just a few minutes. If you wish to build hundreds of backlinks for your website, it will also take you thousands of minutes.

Backlinks are just a link from another site that is pointing to your site. It’s a simple concept, and in reality it’s an easy task to complete.

Search engines continue to believe that generating backlinks is a crucial aspect in evaluating your website therefore we need to create useful and relevant backlinks.

The strategies below are the best 10 ways to create backlinks to your website. These methods will encourage you to create more backlinks.

Directory Submission

This is among the oldest methods to build backlinks, which involves the sending links to directories. It is important to submit directories with high pageranks, and try to find directories that have pageranks 1 to five.

Natural back-links

Natural backlinks are organic backlinks you receive in a timely manner from other webmasters However, these backlinks can be gained as your website’s reputation increases. Therefore, you should aim for enhancement of the standing of your website so that it is in a position to get natural backlinks.

Article Marketing

This technique is very well-known in the building of backlinks as it can be done easily. It is as simple as putting either your website’s URL, or hyperlinks under the content you’ve created.

Forums, Guest Books and Comment Boxes

In the event that you post comments on forums or guest books, or in blog comment areas even with short phrases you can create backlinks quickly without much time and effort. Make sure to include the URL of your website in the signature.


If you sign up for an account free of charge with one of the blogging hosting services, you will be able to create your own blog in less than 5 minutes. Make sure you have relevant and pertinent content on your blog, and add links back to your primary site at any time you like.

Google Knoll

You are the owner of the knoll which means that no one else is able to edit your page except you. This is a fantastic opportunity to build your own backlinks in a legal manner.

Creating Free Software

Even if you’re not a programmer, you may create software for free by yourself using the tools for software on the internet. Once you’ve made the software downloadable on your site then you can submit it to hundreds of directories of software that will link back the download link to you.

Social bookmarks

Social bookmarks are bookmarks that are shared that contain your URL, or link that could be clicked. They also permit users to view the relevance of your links and are able to be used effectively. Set up accounts at the best well-known Bookmarking sites and publish the URL of your site alongside other bookmarks.

RSS marketing

You can utilize Feedburner to publish your newly created RSS feed to your website. You can publish it in a multitude of RSS aggregaters.

Video Marketing Backlinks

Making videos is an effective way to create backlinks. This is accomplished by submitting your video to YouTube and then putting your hot link in their description field.

These Top Ten Strategies to Increase Backlinks could assist you in increasing your web page popularity and page rank. Alongside these methods be sure to follow your own instructions strictly to not get overwhelmed by the internet’s immense knowledge regarding search engine Optimization. When you do these things you are sure to succeed at Internet Marketing.

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