Do you struggle to find article remote jobs jobs? If so, then I recommend that you look into and take control of freelancing websites. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

1. Create an online portfolio. You’re competing with thousands of top article writers across the globe. You can easily impress potential clients by creating a stunning online portfolio. You can write several articles about topics that are popular online. These topics include medicine, health, gambling, internet marketing and other related areas. You can then distribute your articles to popular directories like EzineArticles or goarticles. You can also create your own eBook, or ezine. So that you are able to win business from your prospects, ensure that your writing speaks volumes.

2. Write for clients. Freelancing sites are popular and offer reasonable commissions. Next, you can bid on the writing projects you are interested in. It’s best to charge less than those who have a track record. You can charge anywhere from $1 to $3 per article.

3. Impress your clients. These people will leave wonderful feedback about your profile. Do everything you can to please them. You must not only deliver high-quality articles by the deadline but also communicate regularly with them. Keep them informed as often as you can. After you have received at least 10 positive feedbacks, your rate can be increased.

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