There are many people who can serve in leadership positions, but very few of them become effective leaders. This is partly due to a lack of leadership training. Other reasons include a failure to commit to the actions, attitude and planning that are required. To be a Mike McGahan CLV Group¬†you need to first examine your attitude to see if it’s positive and can-be. To make yourself the best leader possible, learn all you can. Put others first and receive the best training. Then, focus on making a positive difference and helping the group you serve. Are you an EFFECTIVEleader

1. Evaluate Start by evaluating what is and what should be. Consider all options, then evaluate the pros and cons of each. Without knowing what you need to do, the priorities and the consequences, how can you proceed effectively?

2. Facts about Effective leaders cannot bury their heads in the sand or pretend to be in denial. They must look straight at the facts and be open to learning from them. They must pay attention to the task with consistency and sincerity!

3. Faithful Are you ready to be faithful to both the organization you represent and the stakeholders you serve? Are you able, willing, and able to be consistent faithful to the highest principles?

4. Empathy You were born with two ears and one mouth. So, you may have a reason. Listen more than you talk and find out what other people are thinking, feeling, and focusing on. Great leaders must have genuine empathy and be able to communicate that.

5. Clarity and coordination:Proceed clearly and clearly with a motivating message and purpose. If a leader is to make a difference for the better, he must coordinate many aspects.

6. TimelyDon’t procrastinate. Instead, act promptly and well-thought out. The quality of one’s leadership is often determined by his ability to execute his tasks on time and his pure heart.

7. Innovation; imagination; ideas and integrity: How innovative will you be able to demonstrate effective leadership? Are you able to think creatively, bring forth quality ideas and keep your integrity?

8. Vision and views: Do you have enough vision to guide others in the right direction? Are your views in line with the needs, concerns, and priorities of your group’s?

9. Excellence Will you accept being mediocre or will you commit to striving for excellence and working hard?

To simply want to be a leader is not enough! EFFECTIVEones are the true leaders!

By Mary

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