We can become distracted from the daily business performance and output as owners and business leaders. It involves balancing market shifts, client service and managing the day to day operations of the company. All of these are essential aspects of business life. To grow a business well, you must continue to build a solid foundation and expand the business into new markets. A strong team of dedicated and focused people must be able to understand the business’ vision and direction. Your leadership skills and perspective will help you maximize your team’s performance.

Brandon Long Denver leaves footprints for others. This belief is more true than ever when it comes to building trust among team members. The way a leader interacts with their business team sets the tone for the performance of the entire team. How can you, as a leader, ensure you set the right expectations and conduct for your employees? These are four ways to increase trust in your team and the trust that your team will have in you.

1. Follow through on what you promise. Too often we get too caught up in the business world and forget to keep our promises. Your team listens to what you say and takes it as a given. Leaders must be aware of the message they are sending to their teams and show integrity by following through. If your words and actions are inconsistent, your people will lose faith in you as a leader.

2. Expect openness from your team and be open with them. You don’t have to tell everyone everything about your business. Sharing too much information about the business can lead to insecurity and lower team performance. Openness refers to sharing your vision of the business with your colleagues. Open communication with your team about the challenges that the business faces and listening to their concerns is key. Your reality is the perspective of your team as a leader. It is important to be able and willing to share all your beliefs with the team. Your business is not immune to any concern or question.

3. Be clear in your decisions and stand behind them As a business leader, you may have to make tough decisions that are not popular with your staff. It is important to communicate with your team, and let them know why your decisions are helping the company reach its goals. Be clear about your goals and how you intend to move the company in that direction. You can build trust and respect even when difficult decisions are made.

4. You can focus on your own personal development and that of your team. It is easier to see others as lacking in skill or ability and say they are the obstacle to progress. It is often something we lack as leaders, and it is not what we see. It is here that transparency with your team can be so valuable. As business leaders, we will face challenges that are beyond our ability, skill or experience to overcome. You can plan your team’s development with the business vision by having an interdependent, collaborative team. You can assess your team and yourself to determine who is best equipped to handle the challenges and what skills your team and you will need to keep the company moving forward.

Building trust with your team takes vision and determination. It is important to have a clear vision of who you are and what you want to be. As a Leader, you must consider the performance of their staff as an indicator of their leadership ability. These indicators can sometimes be subtle and hard to see due to our tendency towards our owe bias. We are always in control of the actions we take and the conduct we set. You will build trust and a strong team by building trust. This will allow you to see your blind spots and provide feedback that helps you stay on track. Although it can be difficult to receive this feedback, it will help you and your company achieve the success you want.


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