Children love to eat healthy. Children love cereals, yogurt, milk, and fruit. Unfortunately, they are often drawn to unhealthy foods like chips and chocolates.

You can make sure your children eat healthy food with a few simple tricks.

Include vegetables in the foods that your child enjoys
To make your child more attractive, serve healthy food with the foods they love.
Make sure your child enjoys eating the food.
Treat yourself to sweets, chips, and desserts as a bonus treat when you eat healthy food.
Ask your children to help you prepare the meal
Trick #1: Keep the vegetables out of your child’s favorite foods
Cut vegetables into small pieces and place them in a meatloaf. They won’t be noticed by your child. Because mushrooms and aubergines are similar in color to meat, they can be hard to see. This trick can be used to make a burger with minced meat. What child would turn down a burger?
You can make yoghurt from milk or yoghurt if your child doesn’t like fruit. You can tell your child that it’s fruit yoghurt. Make a smoothie, or a milkshake. You can add honey to make it sweeter or more delicious.

Trick #2: Make your child more attractive by serving healthy food with their favorite foods

Serve fruit with ice cream or fruit puree.
Pack fruit into your chocolate or vanilla cream.
You can serve a small amount of the vegetables your child doesn’t like with other veggies and chips.
Put various vegetables into your pasta tomato sauce.
Serve the pasta with a vegetable purée or chutney.

Trick #3: Make sure your child enjoys eating the food you serve.

Perhaps your child is not having a problem with the food but with its texture.
Try tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, or tomato soup if your child doesn’t like tomatoes.
Make a jelly of a fruit if he doesn’t like it. You can put it on a sandwich or add it to his yoghurt for a snack.
Instead of buying fresh fruit, you can try canned or stewed fruit. These products aren’t sweetened and can be bought in fruit juice instead of syrup.
Your child’s plate should be interesting. Cut the fruit into pieces and arrange them as a picture. Special polony is also available from some butchers for children in the form of a funny face, or a teddy bear.

Trick #4: Treat desserts, sweets, and chips as a bonus treat when eating healthy food

This strategy takes determination on your part and may result in tantrums, but it should prove to be very effective after a while. Don’t ever give in! Your child will eventually give up.
Tell your child that if he refuses to eat a healthy food, he will not get dessert.
After you have finished your entire meal, chips and sweets are not allowed.
Be careful not to overfill your child’s plates. You might punish your child for not overeating, which is a mistake.

Trick #5: Let your children help prepare the meal

Children will eat more if they are involved in the preparation of the meal.
You can give your child any task that he can do, such as peeling and cutting fruit or stirring the food. You can involve your child in every aspect of the cooking process.

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