YouTube is a site where you can upload videos. You won’t get many hits for your videos if you view it that way. This view of YouTube is purely for entertainment purposes. You don’t care if your videos become a hit. YouTube should be viewed differently if you want to monetize them. YouTube can be viewed as a social media platform, so you will have a better perspective on how to increase YouTube views.

Youtube Views can be increased by following a few simple steps. These steps are often assumed to be easy. Most people who upload videos to YouTube believe that it is enough to create a funny video and post it to the site. Although content is essential to help your video get more attention, there are many other ways to increase the likelihood of it getting hits.

Don’t Forget the MetaData

Uploading your video is only half the battle to get YouTube hits. Also, you will need to complete the meta data, including the title, description, tags, and categories. Avoid falling for the trap of skipping this step. These data will increase your chances of getting more views. Your video won’t be a hit immediately. Your video will continue to get more YouTube views over time. Meta data not only increases the chances of your video being searched on YouTube but also on other websites such as search engines.

Create a relevant thumbnail

A thumbnail is another way to increase YouTube views. A thumbnail is basically a snapshot of your video that best represents it. You can use it as text, an image or even a part of your video. If you are a YouTube partner, you have the option to create a thumbnail. The design can be customized so that you can create one. YouTube will automatically generate three thumbnail options for users who are not YouTube partners. To grab viewers’ attention, make sure your thumbnails are attractive on YouTube and in search engines.

Annotations to your Advantage

YouTube views can be increased by adding annotations. These are tiny texts that are embedded into videos as overlays. Annotations could be information, subscription boxes or links that help your audience remember that you have other videos and that you offer products or services that can help with their everyday problems. Annotations increase traffic by increasing click-through rates and improving your Google rank.

Adjust Your Video to a Suitable Running Duration

To increase YouTube views, it is vital to include rich and relevant content. People are not looking for funny or short videos. They want quality content. If they need to know the answers to their problems, they will be happy to watch a longer video. A short video that is not commercial is fine. You can edit your video to make it educational and procedural. You can increase YouTube views by adding content. It can also help you build trust with your market.

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