A Cricket bat can be expensive so it is important to take care of the bat before you use it. It can be frustrating to have a new piece of willow in your kitbag but not be able use it. It would be foolish not to prepare your bat for battle, and possibly risk wasting hundreds of pounds worth of high-quality kit. Bats can be expensive, and range in price from PS125 to PS350. It is important that you take the time to prepare your bat for match.

Some bats have been’manufactured and knocked in’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready for use. Every bat will require some preparation before use. You should apply at least two coats of linseed oils to your bat’s face, edges, and back. If your satta king has an anti-scuff tape on it, you will need to leave this area alone. Sticky areas such as the anti-scuff tape, handle, or splice should not be treated with oil. Apply the oil to the bat with a teaspoonful of linseed oils. The oil should be applied to the cricket bat by rubbing it in, taking care not to get into the sticky areas. You will need at least two coats, with a minimum of 24 hour between each coat.

You will want to use the bat now, but wait. Now you will need to “knock in” the bat. You will need to ‘knock in’ the bat. You will be able to use the Cricket Balls bat without cracking it. You can use an old cricket bat in a sports sock, or a bat bat mallet. A bat mallet’s head has one section that is either flat or similar to a cricket bat. You should start in the middle of your bat, and continue to knock it out until you get the first hit. Do not ‘knock in” around the splice, as this could cause the bat to become weaker. You can lightly tap the edge, but not the bottom. You will need to keep the ‘Knocking In’ process going for approximately 8 hours. This process will take only a few hours if your cricket bat is pre-knocked. If the bat comes with instructions, you should follow them.

To extend the bat’s life expectancy, oil must be applied to the bat every season. You should never allow the bat to dry completely as cracking can occur. You should keep the bat in cool, dry conditions throughout winter. It would be bad to store it in the garage so, if your wife is okay, you can keep it under your mattress in a bat sock.

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