“A good example can be the best sermon.” –Anonymous

It is vital to be a leader in this difficult economy. The business environment is increasingly competitive. The business environment is more competitive. Employees, managers, supervisors and owners of businesses must perform at their peak and produce maximum results.

What are the core competencies that make you a great leader? For keeping your employees happy and productive.

1. Effective leaders like Jason Daniel Hare listen. It isn’t enough to simply give orders. Effective leaders must give orders, but let employees talk. This will make them feel valued. Even if that means some honest venting within reason. Particularly when there is low morale and layoffs.

2. To be a good leader, you must keep your mind open to new ideas and change. Flexibility and willingness to learn new ideas are key ingredients for being a strong leader in this economic environment. Even if it isn’t always easy to agree with others.

3. Vision is the key ingredient of effective leadership. The ability to see the organization’s long- and short-term goals, objectives and plans is a hallmark of great managers, supervisors, team leaders, and supervisors. They are able to see where their company wants to be one-year from now. By looking backwards, they will be able to determine where their company needs to be nine months in the future, six months in the future, and so forth.

4. Communicating the vision clearly is essential for effective leadership. It is one thing to have a vision and a direction for your employees. Effective leaders must communicate clearly and effectively to get their message across. The bottom line is that powerful leaders are often great orators.

5. Motivational leaders are inspirational. This does not mean that someone should be able to think for themselves. I’m referring to a leader who has discovered unique, personal techniques for motivating their employees towards peak performance.

6. High-quality leaders are able to set high expectations and achieve bottom-line success. The best managers are able to identify what motivates employees. They encourage confidence, establish reward programs, motivate employees to go above and beyond their expectations.

7. Effective leaders know how to educate their employees on every day aspects of their job. Participants of my leadership programs said that their best manager was one who could “speak” the language. In other words, the leader understood each employee’s job, including the time limitations and any challenges. Many times, the best manager has done the job himself.

8. Effective leadership requires transparency and honesty. This is now more obvious than ever. According to research, honesty is the #1 trait people want to see. A leader can be brilliant, have vision, have a plan for action and be a great speaker. However, if people aren’t comfortable with the person they trust, it is difficult to get them to join. The leader only has the title, not the influence or the respect.

9. Leaders who are effective must have influence. How much influence you can have on others is what really defines leadership.

10. The most effective leaders are able to give credit where credit is deserved. They are confident enough to show sincere appreciation to those they believe deserve it.

11. Finally, when I ask my participants to list the qualities they wish to see in their leaders it is common for them all to mention “straightforward”. The participants say they prefer straightforward leaders, even when it is bad news. This…returns back to honesty.

By Mary

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