Now imagine this scenario: You have been a great worker, you love what you do, and your boss appreciates all that you have done for the company. Your boss wants to make you the manager of your department. You want to make it big. You want to make a difference in your life. This makes the dream even more possible. This is what you might be thinking. You might find this scary.

Ok, you already think that a large raise means great. Perhaps it depends on what you think of yourself and how much you value them. If you feel you are worth a huge raise, you will receive it. If you believe you don’t deserve a raise because you don’t know much, it will be a detriment to your value. You only get what it is worth.

As a manager you don’t know what it is like and you don’t have any experience. Do you let your fears get in the way of you taking the promotion?

Let’s now talk about leadership in business from Brandon Long Marketing Consultant. Although you can be a “manager”, it’s not possible to be an effective leader.

1. Definition of manager: The manager’s job is to direct the executive, administrative, or supervisory activities of an organization or group.

2. Definition of leadership: Leadership refers to the role of leading a group to achieve a common goal.

Do you want to be a good leader and manager, or just a boss? Different skills are required for each role. Here are the essential traits for being a leader or manager:

Management Results – Order & Consistency

* Plan and budget

* Establishing agendas

* Make time frames and clarify the big picture

* Allocate resources by organizing or staffing

* Provide structure

* Placement of job applicants

* Establish rules & procedures

* Create creative solutions to problems and control them

* Develop incentives

* Take corrective action

Leadership – Change & Movement

* Establish Direction and Create Vision

* Establish strategies and align people

* Communicate goals

* Try to get commitment

* Establish teams and coalitions

* Motivate, Inspire

* Empower subordinates

The vision is back – A manager organizes and brings order to an organization. Leaders bring vision and change. Managers oversee their department and direct report. A leader guides the department to greatness. Which is it, a manager of a leader? If you are lucky enough, you may be a combination of both.

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