University of Toronto Campuses

There are three campuses at the university. The university’s main campus is located in downtown Toronto (St. George) and offers courses in music, law, engineering medicine, and literature.

Dr Jean Chen UofT offers the largest number of co-curricular activities. There are over 1000 student clubs, the radio station of the university, as well as athletic teams and many other activities. There are many food options on-campus and off-campus.

The St.George Campus has a panoramic view of Toronto. It is located close to Queens Park, the legislative building in Toronto.

It’s also located in the middle of two subway lines making it easy to get around Toronto. You will find a wide variety of food options downtown.

If your classes are on opposite ends, it can be intimidating.

There are several colleges that offer residences to students. Massey College is only for graduate students, while Knox and Wycliffe’s Colleges primarily serve graduate theology students.

There are only 6400 students total in the on-campus dormitories. Only first-year undergraduates are allowed to live on campus, while most graduate and upper-year students choose to live off campus.

You can find listings on the off-campus housing website. The Housing Services staff can help you. To minimize distractions, students at U of T recommend that you live off-campus.

The University of Toronto’s Downtown Toronto Campus (St. George) Campus is 33 km west of the second campus, Mississauga Campus.

There are 148 graduate and undergraduate programs available in various fields. There are 89 academic areas available.

This campus has 15 academic departments and a Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology Institute.

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC), was established at Scarborough College in 1964. It primarily offers co-op programs. You can also find internships and hands-on opportunities.

Faculty and Staff at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has a faculty-to-student ratio of 8 to 18. There are 400 study areas, and 200 graduate programs.

This highly-ranked university offers more than 60 graduate degrees in business administration, engineering, health sciences, and health science.

Students love the engineering faculty, particularly the computer science department which is considered to be world-class.

The University of Toronto’s Educational Quality

The 16th university in the list of 2022 Best Universities is the University of Toronto. These schools are ranked according to their excellence and quality.

According to Times Higher Education rankings U of T is Canada’s top university. It is one the only eight universities worldwide in the top 50 for each of the 11 subjects.

The University of Toronto has been ranked by the following groups:

The QS ranks the University of Toronto 26th in the world. The 2022 World Rankings

The Macleans Canada Rankings 2021 ranked U of T first.

The university was ranked 16th by US News & World Report in its 2022 edition of the best universities worldwide rankings.

Times Higher Education ranked the University of Toronto #18 on the World University Rankings in 2022.

The University of Toronto is a prestigious university that is highly focused on research.

It also ranks 34th in Times Higher Education’s Impact Rankings, which recognizes pioneering stem cell research, insulin discovery and electron microscopy.

Recognized ranking organizations like QS and Times Higher Education (THE), have placed this Canadian university among the top 30 higher education institutions worldwide. Rankings, Shanghai Ranking Consultancy and other ranking organizations for decades.

Courses at Toronto University

Over 900 courses are offered by the University of Toronto in business, education, engineering, and humanities. Students can easily find the right program for them.

These majors are the subject of approximately 700 undergraduate degrees.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Life Sciences

Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Commerce & Management

Computer Science


Kinesiology and Physical Education


The university offers second-entry programs in Nursing, Pharmacy, Law, Medicine, Education, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, or Medicine.

The University of Toronto offers over 200 graduate programs in many subjects.

There are more than 60 professional graduate programs, 76 combination programs with professional Master’s components and 76 combo programs. Additional 40 collaboration programs are available, as well as three diploma programs.

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