This branch of law covers all legal aspects that relate to a family. This can cover marriages and divorces as well as prenuptial and civil union agreements, adoptions, property settlements, child custody and visitation, and other legal matters. An attorney who deals with family law must have a bachelor’s in law. Then, they must go to law school.

Marital unions

This category covers both traditional and civil marital marriage unions. It doesn’t usually include formal proceedings. This is because family life in this area is less contentious. This is because not many couples are filing claims against each others at this stage. Some documents include:

* Name Change Forms
* Marriage certificates
* Premarital or prenuptial agreements

Although they may be called in different places, these documents all cover the same territory. Other types of actions may be permitted by some jurisdictions under the category martial unions. However, all jurisdictions share the same general concepts regarding the handling of these forms, agreements, or certificates.

End of marital relationship

These are the main categories in which you will find most documents. These documents address marital endings. This includes divorce, separation and annulment. One of the spouses will file a court motion to seek relief. These particular documents will look like the types that were filed in pleadings. Along with asking for termination, the documents can also include any replies to the court action or counterclaims. You may also find motions to restrain one spouse from deleting marital property, temporary alimony and court costs. This group of family laws documents includes all the attachments, forms and forms that were used to establish the marital wealth as part of the proof needed to reach an amicable divorce settlement.

Parent-child relationships

The following actions are included in this category:

* Appoint a legal guardian
* Establish paternity
* Address the issues of visitation, custody, support
* Removing children from homes for reasons

Petition can include motions modifying an order of child support and motions for contempt for failure to comply any previous court orders.

As you can see, there is a lot of paperwork that a family legal attorney must deal. Many lawyers are specialists in one area. Others may specialize in many areas. You can find out which specialty by volunteering to work for a family lawyer firm.

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